James Hill and Anne Janelle

Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward

Aaron and Nicole Keim are The Quiet American

The Quiet American is husband and wife duo, Aaron and Nicole Keim. At their home in Hood River, Oregon they live an artistic life, making music, building musical instruments, writing books, crafting folk art and raising their 5 year old son, Henry. Their connection to folk tradition is undeniable, even as they find new ways to sing old songs and unique ways to incorporate music and art into their teaching and performing.

Mainly influenced by Depression era string band music and the folk revival, they play ukulele, banjo and accordion to accompany their harmony singing, pick old tunes and lead the audience through group singing.

Aaron builds musical instruments at Beansprout Musical Instruments. Nicole’s art is at Marmalade Creations.

The Quiet American official site is here: quietamericanmusic.com

Andy Andrews ukulele passions and skills guide us in experiencing joyful music together.

Andy AndrewsAndy Andrews co-founded the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, CA and helped guide the club to hundreds of members and has been featured in two documentary films,”The Mighty Uke” and “Under the Boardwalk.” He teaches music workshops at ukulele festivals on the mainland  and in Hawaii. In 2004 he produced the legendary “UkeFestWest” festival in Santa Cruz, and at that event he created the “Ukes for Kids” program that has given away hundreds of ukuleles to children and teachers.

Andy now resides on Hawai’i Island, and teaches ukulele at Kua O Ka La Charter school. He also leads kanikapilas and workshops at Keoki Kahumoku’s Hawaiian Music Camps in Pahala. Since moving to Hawai’i he has started the “Puna ‘Ukulele & Kanikapila Association” (PUKA), conducts and teaches classes in ukulele, blues styles and music theory.

Hood River Trio mixes music, sound and humor into every song.

Tunes’ veterans the Hood River Trio — Ben Bonham, Kerry Williams, Ronnie Ontiveros 

Ben Bonham (Hapa Hillbillies, BPT, Trashcan Joe) is a first-rate showman and accomplished player of guitar, slide guitar and ukulele. Ron Ontiveros (Hapa Hillbillies) plays upright bass, ukulele, guitar, and he shouts a bit, carries the gear, and drives the van. Kerry Williams (Hapa Hillbillies, June Bug Boys) is a fair bit older but still pulls his weight on ukulele, mandolin and guitar. 

Let them whisk you away with their musical style which incorporates early country blues, early jazz, early Western swing, early Tin Pan Alley, late electronica, early hapa haole, early elevator and early punk rock. All brought to you with an undercurrent of irreverent humor!


Bryan Holley is a musician, ukulele teacher, and songwriter who loves to sing.

Bryan HolleyBryan lives in Ashland, Oregon where he specializes in teaching beginners of all ages. He has concentrated his lifelong passion for music into a series of ukulele workshops with useful handouts and song charts that help participants advance their musical journey. His workshops have explored Hawaiian and Latino music, the songs of Pete Seeger, the hits of 1915 and fingerstyle ukulele.

Learn more about Bryan at:  www.bryanholley.org