Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel 

We have celebrated the energetic and collaboration qualities of Craig and Sarah from Tunes in the Dunes to Uke Ohana. They have been expanding the world of Ukulele with their live stream performances and online teaching with Artists Workd this past year. Their passion for music with complementary vocal harmonies are infused with a creativity and joy for the Ukulele. www.cheemaisel.com

James Hill and Anne Janelle

The Canadian Folk Music Award- winning collaboration True Love Don’t Weep, Ukulele/cello duo James Hill and Anne Janelle have brought their signature mix of tunes, songs and stories to audiences around the world.  In concert and teaching in community they share their passion for music with humor, innovation and dazzling harmonies.  Recently James has launched Uketropolis, a ukulele site with these many courses, weekly podcasts and more. www.Uketropolis.com and www.wecanmakeachange.org

Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward    

Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward believe in the power of social music and the important place the Ukulele has in bringing people together. They love to travel the world, performing and teaching all ages how to play and sing in harmony.  Heidi, who was born in Hawaii, has played ukulele since age 5. Daniel’s unique style, which incorporates flamenco, classical techniques to rocking riffs, comes from a 30 year career as a versatile guitarist. As teachers, they bring their passion and humor to the classroom, as well as the ability to break down complicated concepts and techniques into simple steps that enable players of all levels to enjoy making music. Both Heidi and Daniel write regularly for Ukulele Magazine and enjoy learning more about the ever-expanding world of the Ukulele.
Danielward.net and SukeyJumpMusic.com

Aaron and Nicole Keim are Quiet American Music

Aaron and Nicole live an artistic life in Hood River Oregon, making music, building musical instruments, writing books, crafting folk art and raising their 6 year old son, Henry. Their deep connection to folk music traditions is undeniable, as they find new ways to sing old songs and unique ways to incorporate music and art into their teaching and performing.  Mainly influenced by Depression era string band music and the folk revival, they play ukulele, banjo and accordion to accompany their harmony singing, pick old tunes and lead the audience through group singing. Aaron builds musical instruments at Beansprout Musical Instruments and Nicole’s art is at Marmalade Creations.   www.quietamericanmusic.com,  www.thebeansprout.com

Casey MacGill

Casey McGill

Casey MacGill is the heart and soul of the band. From California, he is a classic Hollywood character in appearance and style. MacGill plays boogie-woogie, swing, and stride piano. He blows a lyrical jazz cornet, and his most unique instrumental voice is a 6-string tenor ukulele.     www.caseymacgill.com

Lono and Mele Nei hula halau

Lono’s teachings are in honor of those who came before us. His songs are of Molokai’s sacred sights, history, animal traditions, the winds of the  different districts, it’s high chiefs, the children, the paniolo’s (cowboys) and the people of Moloka’i. “It is but a fleeting glimpse for us to see the things  our ancestors had to encounter and overcome to leave us the paradise we live in  today.” Lono will be teaching true Hawaiian ukulele traditions and pack the music with stories (mo’olelo) of Molokai’s past from 600 AD, to the present.  www.lonomusic.com

Steven Espaniola

Steven offers a refreshing new outlook on a traditional genre of Hawaiian music. He’s a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Ukulele, Ki Ho’alu , Bass and Leo Ki’e Ki’e. HIs unique sound preserves the integrity of the traditional with a florist of the modern. www.stevenespaniola.com

Kate Power and Steve Einhorn

Kate Power & Steve Einhorn are multi-instrumentalists, folk musicians, songwriters, teachers, artists, writers, award winners and community builders who play as two beats to one heart in Portland’s vibrant, socially-conscious music folk scene. After running Artichoke Music for twenty-five years, they zigzagged around the United States to ambush the uninitiated into the joys of playing and singing on the ukulele in community centers everywhere and on the spot with their traveling uke fleet of Kala ukes and their whimsical Ukalaliens Songbook for Absolute Beginners created to break the ice for older beginners to learn in an instant how to make music beautiful on uke from the first strum.    www.qualityfolk.com 


Walt Keale is a musician, activist, poet, kahu and storyteller, husband and father.  HIs story is rooted in the Hawaiian traditions of Niihau where his mother’s family has been for over a thousand years. His Father’s Arkansas family migrated to the rich farmland of the San Joaquin Valley during the Dustbowl years. In his music you hear the sounds of Niihau, influences from his uncle Moe Keale, the bluegrass of the Dustbowl and the Latin rhythms of cambia and ranchera. He has created several unique albums, Kawelona:  Ride the Sun and Aina Kaula:  Motherland, and won the Na Hoku Hannah award for group of the year with Kaukahi in 2007.  His latest album, Hanumoku: Bury Me reflects his latest intellectual-spiritual and aina-land-stewardship pursuits with each song representing one of the 9 elements spoken of in his family. The Sun, Moon, Fresh & Salt Water, Creator/ human beings, Wind, Fire, Land, Ancestors & Guardians. His music reminds us that “there are still people, places and moments that conjure sacred times and bring them forward.”  www.kealemusic.com

Hood River Trio mixes music, sound and humor into every song.

Tunes’ veterans the Hood River Trio — Ben Bonham, Kerry Williams, Ronnie Ontiveros, Ben Bonham (Hapa Hillbillies, BPT, Trashcan Joe) is a first-rate showman and accomplished player of guitar, slide guitar and ukulele. Ron Ontiveros (Hapa Hillbillies) plays upright bass, ukulele, guitar, and he shouts a bit, carries the gear, and drives the van. Kerry Williams (Hapa Hillbillies, June Bug Boys) pulls his weight on ukulele, mandolin and guitar.  Let them whisk you away with their musical style which incorporates country blues, jazz, Western swing, Tin Pan Alley, electronica, hapa haole, elevator and punk rock. All brought to you with an undercurrent of irreverent humor!