Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel share their joy of music and teaching Ukulele with the world

Craig and Sarah passions for music and teaching have made an incredible impact on the ‘ukulele scene. Their complementing styles and vocal harmonies along with creative teaching techniques are sought after for ‘Ukulele Festivals and events around the world. Both have recorded several Cd’s and are currently recording a new one.Their love of teaching has blossomed into a successful Online ‘Ukulele School with Artistworks

Craig infuses his energetic and just plain “fun” style into many genres of music and is known for his collaboration at different music events. Sarah is a self admitted lover of jazz stylings from the golden age. Together they are expanding the world of Ukulele with their e performances and teaching.

Contact Craig and Sarah at: www.cheemaisel.com



Steven Espaniola  uses his incredible voice to honor Hawaiian traditions while creating new music of his own.                

It’s rare when an artist arrives on the scene offering a refreshing new spin on a traditional genre of music. Steven Espaniola is that artist. Raised in Aliamanu, Hawai’i and now residing in the California Bay Area, Steven is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Ki Ho’alu (Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar), 
Ukulele, Upright Bass, and Leo Ki’e Ki’e (Traditional Hawaiian falsetto singing). Of Hawaiian, Filipino and Spanish decent, his ethnicity is as diverse as his unique sound which preserves the integrity of the traditional with a flourish of the modern.

Learn more about Steven at:  www.stevenespaniola.com





Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward  encourage people of all ages to connect through music.

Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward believe in the power of social music and the important place the  Ukulele has in bringing people together.  They love to travel, performing and teaching all ages how to play and sing in harmony. Heidi, who was born in Hawaii, has been playing Ukulele since age 5.  Daniel’s unique style, which incorporates flamenco and classical techniques as well as rocking riffs, comes from a 30-year  career as a versatile guitarist.  As teachers, they bring passion and humor to the classroom, as well as, the ability to break down complicated concepts and techniques into simple steps that enablle players of all levels to enjoy making music.  Both Daniel and Heidi write regularly for Ukulele Magazine, and enjoy learning more about the ever-expanding world of Ukulele.

Learn more about Heidi and Daniel at : www.sukeyjumpmusic.com  or visit Danile’s site : DanielWard.net







Kalei Gamiao  Innovative, Unique and Original describe performances and teaching

Having been mentored by many Ukulele masters Kalei is now on the forefront of today’s Ukulele Revolution. His knowledge of creating and sharing his own style of the Ukulele abilities increase our appreciation understanding of the magical the four string instrument and what it can do. “My Ukulele expressed every word and emotion. I love to create and share my musical journey for everyone to enjoy.”

Contact him at : kaleigamiao.com







Bryan Tolentino love of Ukulele with four strings plus four magical fingers create Fairy Dust music

Bryan started playing Ukulele at an early age of ten while attending fourth grade in Honolulu. He believes the learning never stops and continues to study the subtleties of performing, recording and teaching music. Music has different languages and Bryan encourages diversity with his students. His improvisational style of less is more is in demand with top Hawaiian artist and producers.  His magical element of “Fairy Dusting” has been included in over 40 recording credits, including 14 Na Hoku Hanohano winners and 2 Grammy nominations. Bryan performs, records and teaches aspiring Ukulele players all over the world. 



 Andy Andrews channels his ukulele passions and skills to guide us in experiencing joyful music together.

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews co-founded the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, CA and helped guide the club to hundreds of members and has been featured in two documentary films,”The Mighty Uke” and “Under the Boardwalk.” He teaches music workshops at ukulele festivals on the mainland  and in Hawaii. In 2004 he produced the legendary “UkeFestWest” festival in Santa Cruz, and at that event he created the “Ukes for Kids” program that has given away hundreds of ukuleles to children and teachers. Andy now resides on Hawai’i Island, and teaches ukulele at Kua O Ka La Charter school. He also leads kanikapilas and workshops at Keoki Kahumoku’s Hawaiian Music Camps in Pahala. Since moving to Hawai’i he has started the “Puna ‘Ukulele & Kanikapila Association” (PUKA), conducts and teaches classes in ukulele, blues styles and music theory.

Contact Andy at:  andy@cruzio.com



Debi Noel and Kerri Sage are ambassadors for helping others to realize their musical potential

                                                                                                Debi Noel and Kerri Sage sing and make music as a way of life. Whether teaching children and adults of all ages, performing with the Three of Hearts Trio, playing with the Steel Magnolias steel drum band, or singing with the Blue Skies Big Band, Debi and Kerri love to spread the joy of making music. As much as they love making music, their greatest rewards come from helping others remove the barriers to their own musical fulfillment.       Contact tham at:  ibedleon@gmail.com


Bryan Holley is a musician, ukulele teacher, performer, and songwriter who loves to sing.

Bryan HolleyBryan lives in Ashland, Oregon where he specializes in teaching beginners of all ages. He has concentrated his lifelong passion for music into a series of ukulele workshops with useful handouts and song charts that help participants advance their musical journey. His workshops have explored Hawaiian and Latino music, the songs of Pete Seeger, the hits of 1915 (when the first ukulele craze swept America), and fingerstyle ukulele.

Learn more about Bryan at:  www.bryanholley.org




Milo Fultz is a bassist who enjoys playing music of every style with everyone

He has performed with his Ukulele through out the Northwest and taught workshops on ‘uke bass and music theory. His playing has been featured on several Ukulele albums,  Outside of the ‘ukulele, he is an active orchestral player with the Oregon Ballet Theater and Eugene Symphony, a member of northwest chamber klezmer band 3 Leg Torso, and an active freelancer on the electric and upright bass. Milo maintains a private studio teaching bass out of Portland and via Skype.                                   

Contact Milo at:  milopfultz@gmail.com