11:15 AM       WORKSHOP 1 – Heidi Swedberg – Lift Every Voice and Sing Down by the Riverside.  Two important songs for our times. We will learn a bit of history, basics of how to sing, and strum the song, then use chords that move up the neck of the ukulele to make the songs, and our hearts, literally rise.  Life Every Voice and Sing was written by James Weldon and John Rosamond and first performed as a bitrthday tribute to Abraham Lincoln by a chorus of 500 black children in 1900. It is know as the Black national anthem.  Down by the Riverside is a traditional black spiritual from the 1860’s. A houndred years later it was still being sung  with new verses for the anti war protests.


12:00 PM       WORKSHOP 2  – Aaron Keim – Woody Guthrie’s Columbia River Songs.  In 1940 Woody Gutherie had a summer job writing songs for the US government to boost the idea of hydro electric power and the Pacific Northwest as a paradise. In this workshop we will learn three songs, some Northwest history and tell Woody’s story.


12:45 PM         WORKSHOP 3 – James Hill – Bring your Ukulele for a tour of the Uketropolis campus.  James will take YOU on a guided tour of!  At every stop  you’ll be learning something new, so please bring your Ukulele.  Along the way you will sample skills and songs from courses like “Ready, Steady, Ukulele”, “Booster Uke”, “The Ukulele Way”, “UkuleleX” and the JHUI Teacher Certification Program.  There’s a lot going on in Uketropolis …. come See for Yourself!


1:30 PM         PLAY A LONG – Anne Janelle – We Can Make a Change –  When Earth Day met covid, Anne was inspired to create something out of the ordinary.  Something that reflected the lessons that the strife of the times was teaching her:  inclusion, collaboration and unity.  IN a Pete Seeger style sing-along, We Can Make A Change is a simple and uplifting song that unites anyone who sings it.  Now only a few months old, this song has dozens of verses and its writers span six countries around the world.  This song is a document, a dialogue, a vehicle for expressing the things that might be too hard to express in any other way.  This particular rendition will include brand new verses from various Tunes in the Dunes teachers and will inspire us to sing about the change we wish to see.


1:45 PM         WORKSHOP 4 – Daniel Ward – Let’s Rumba!  – This is a true “practice in class” and leave with a new skill workshop.  The Flamenco Rumba is an easy to learn strum and a great tool that will put a latin spin on any song you already know in 4/4 time.  We will take the time to dive deep and “get the groove”, so you can use it right away to spice up your day.  Clear visuals and a nice slow intro to the mechanics will make for a rhythmic embrace with you Ukulele.


2:30 PM        WORKSHOP 5 –  Nicole Keim – Music Time with the Keims – A joy filled music class for the entire family. Young and old will experience the fun of making music together along with Nicole’s beautiful art work and singing, Aaron’s music and Henry’s talent and humor.


3:25 PM        SPECIAL CONCERT  PERFORMANCE –  Savor these Magical Musical Moments created by the gifted Musicians OF 2020 just for YOU.