This 2018 workshop schedule is always being Tuned Up!


2:30  PM:    SING-A-LONG & INTRODUCTIONS, Wilson Lodge Porch 

3:45  PM:    JAM GENRE’S:

Location:                 Teacher/Jam:

McIver                     Steven – Hawaiian Melodies

McIver Porch          April  –  Hula with Hawaiian Melodies

Wilson Fireplace     Bryan –  Ulupalakua

Wilson North           Heidi – Sea Shanties

Wilson Upstairs      Kalei – Improvisation

Wilson Porch           Andy – The Blues

Art Barn                   Daniel – 70’s Dance Party

The Ridge               Debi & Kerri – The Harmony of Sound


7:30 PM:     MUSICIAN/TEACHERS CONCERT – Wilson Fireplace




 7:00 – 7:45 Greet the Day –Wilson Porch – Walk on the Beach with Duncan – Learn about the natural and cultural history of Westwind as we stretch our legs!

 9:00 – 10:00 AM:     WORKSHOP A

 McIver –  Daniel – Arpeggio Meditations for Uke – Learn productive techniques that build rhythm, tone and chord changes, through short repeating song patterns.

 Wilson Fireplace – Heidi – Somatics – Somatics delves into mind-body awareness that opens the flow of creative energy with you and your Ukulele.

 Wilson North – Sarah – Beginning Chord Melody – Discover the in’s and out’s of playing chords and the melody of the tune at the same time. 

Wilson Upstairs – Craig – Practice 101 – How to find the most efficient way to practice for YOU, mixing different techniques, exercises and outlooks.  Also working through how to practice singing and playing together!

Art Barn –  Andy – Moving Beyond Beginner with your Right Hand – Moving upward and onward with your Ukuele! This class will focus on the Right Hand with cool strumming techniques to use, making your favorite songs come alive and more enjoyable to play.

The Ridge – Bryan  H- Beginning Ukulele – Created for Beginners. Learn the first set of chords and the basics of strumming. Handouts include chord charts and Bryans arrangements of easy 2 and 3 chord songs.

10:15 – 11:15 PM:     WORKSHOP B

McIver – Kalei – Music ABC’s and Techniques – Experience strumming and picking variations through major and chromatic scale formulas.

Wilson Fireplace – Craig – Let’s Play! – Learn tips and practices that the pros use to spice up their playing. Go behind the scenes of arranging songs  to bring to jams, group practices and enhance your own arrangements.

Wilson North – Sarah –  Jazz it Up! – Jazz up your songs with adding more complex chords, new chord movements and even a few progressions to get your songs sounding like the American Song Book.

Wilson Upstairs – Bryan – Musical Awareness – Bryan will share decades of experience of his favorite techniques for playing in groups and accompanying musicians. 

Art Barn – Andy – Moving Beyond Beginner with your Left Hand – Move your Uke-ing onward and upward! This class will focus on Left Hand improvements, getting to know chord families and making smooth changes.  Make some serious progress with your Uke!

The Ridge – Steven – Leo ki’ eki’ e – Come open up your voice, body and soul to singing in the Hawaiian Falsetto style.

11:30 – 12:30 PM:  WORKSHOP C

 McIver – Kalei – Arranging Ukulele Solos and Instrumentals – How to choose the right key, chord positions and substitutes to combine chords with melody.

Wilson Fireplace – Daniel – Smartphone Blues – Use your phone as a helpful musical companion for the Chicago 12 bar blues as you lay down tracks and solo.

Wilson North – Heidi – Songwriters Toolbox –  Learn a framework of structure and form blended with life experience and you have the tools to create your inspiration into alchemy.

 Wilson Upstairs – Bryan – Jazzy Hawaiian Vamps – Stand by for more details!

Art Barn – Milo – Super Duper Easy Breezy Music Theory – Curious abput Music theory, this class will give you the Keys to the Kingdom of Music. Understand the basics of music theory using your ukulele to explore simple concepts of scales and chords.

The Ridge – Steven – Heatbeat of Hawaiian Music – A well-strummed Ukulele is the heart beat of traditional Hawaiian music. Learn three traditional Hawaiian strums to broaden your repertoire and open up a new world of rhythmic possibilities.

2:30 – 3:30  PM:    SING A LONG, Wilson Lodge Porch

3:45 – 4:45  PM:    JAM GENRE’S, Meet at various group locations

7:15 – 9:15 PM:    CONCERT: Open Mic with Jam Genre Performances  

9:30 PM:      CAMPFIRE



7:00 – 7:45   Greet the Day with Duncan- Wilson Lodge porch- Each day is a different surprise “deep-dive” into something rare and special about Westwind. 

9:00 – 10:00   WORKSHOP D

McIver – Craig & Sarah – Duets – Learn tips and techniques, from different tunings, to elaborate chord voicing and strumming/picking changes, that create the most dynamic sound playing in a Duet. Bring your questions for dicussion of different techniques.

Wilson Fireplace –  Heidi & Daniel – Fun AND Games – Ukulele is a social instrument! Learn musical games and folk songs from around the world, that build connections and community. 

Wilson North – Bryan – Moving Up and Down the Neck – A little theory, and a lot of techniques for your flea fingers to be jumping up and down the neck.

 Wilson Upstairs – Steven, Andy, Bryan -Hawaiian Kani Ka Pila – From the verb; Let the instruments sound, to the noun; informal jam session, create the Hawaiian style of sharing songs and stories while finding connections with the people you are playing with and making new friends.

The Art Barn-No offerings.

The Ridge –  Kalei – Let’s Warm Up and Practice – Exercises to stretch your hands, strengthen your left hand, loosen your right hand, while strumming through chord warm-ups and learning how to practice.

10:15 – 11:15 AM:   FINALE SING ALONG, Wilson Lodge

11:15 AM:         ALL CAMP CLEAN UP

12:30 PM:         WALK & SING our way down to the Salmon Riverside