James Hill

Canadian award winning James Hill has brought his Ukulele music with is unique signature of various musical tunes, songs and stories to audiences around the world.  In concert, and while teaching, he shares his passion for music with humor, innovation and dazzling arrangements. Recently James is the mastermind behind Uketropolis, a ukulele site with many courses for all levels of Ukulele players, weekly podcasts, Ukeheads, a new album and more.

Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward    

Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward believe in the power of social music and the important role the Ukulele plays in bringing people together. They love to travel the world, performing and teaching students of all ages how to play and sing in harmony. As teachers, they bring their passion and humor to the classroom by their ability to break down complicated techniques into simple steps that enable players of all levels to enjoy making music. Both of them contribute to Ukulele Magazine and the ever-expanding world of the Ukulele. and

Aaron and Nicole Keim are Quiet American Music

Aaron and Nicole live an artistic life in Hood River Oregon, making music, building musical instruments, writing books, crafting folk art and raising their son, Henry. Theirs is a deep connection to the folk traditions of the Depression era string and folk revival music. It is woven into their singing harmonies and unique ways of incorporating Ukulele, banjo and accordion into their teaching and performing.  Aaron builds beautiful instruments at Beansprout Musical Instruments and Nicole’s art is available at Marmalade Creations on Etsy.,

Steven Espaniola

Steven offers a refreshing new outlook on a traditional vocal genre of Hawaiian music. He’s a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Ukulele, Ki Ho’alu , Bass and Leo Ki’e Ki’e. HIs unique sound preserves the integrity of the traditional with a florist of the modern. He is active teaching online and performing.

Hood River Trio

Tunes’ veterans the Hood River Trio – Ben Bonham, Kerry Williams, Ronnie Ontiveros. Let them whisk you away with their varied musical styles of ukulele, slide guitar, bass, mandolin and guitar brought to you with an undercurrent of irreverent humor!

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrew’s ukulele passion and skills guide us in experiencing joyful music together. Andy co-founded the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz with 3 songbooks and has been featured in 2 ukulele documentary films, “The Mighty Uke” and “Under the Boardwalk”. In 2004 he produced the legendary “Uke Fest West” and created the Ukes for Kids program that has given away thousands of Ukuleles to children and teachers. Andy currently resides on Hawaii’s Big Island and has started the Puna Ukulele & Kanikapila Association (PUKA) where he leads ukulele classes for schools and the community.

Bryan Holley

Bryan Holley is a musician, ukulele teacher and songwriter who loves to sing. Bryan lives in Ashland Oregon and specializes in teaching Ukulele to beginners of all ages. He has concentrated his lifelong passion for music into a series of ukulele workshops with useful handouts and song charts that help students advance their musical journeys.