The workshop schedule for 2017 is being Tuned Up to harmonize with the musicians. 


2:30  PM:    SING-A-LONG & INTRODUCTIONS, Wilson Lodge Porch 

3:45  PM:    JAM GENRE’S:  

Hawaiian Mele = Steven – McIver 

Hits of 1970’s = Kerri – McIver Porch  

Tom Waits,Downtrodden = Ronnie – McIver Porch

Western Swing = Ben – Wilson Fireplace

Bittersweet Ballads = Aaron & Nicole – Wilson North

Phil Spectore’s Wall of Sound = Jim – Wilson Upstairs

Blues = Andy – Wilson Porch

The Summer of Love, 1967 = Bryan – Art Barn

5:00  PM:   Symphony Orchestra  = James & Anne – McIver

7:30 PM:     MUSICIAN/TEACHERS CONCERT – Wilson Fireplace



7:00 – 7:45 AM:  Meet the Day
Stretch with Anne – McIver 

Music making is dependent on a healthy body. Take a breather from playing Uke and find out how to stretch and strengthen your music-making muscles. This is a gentle class and no stretching or movement experience is required.

 Walk the Beach with Duncan – Wilson Porch 

Learn about the natural history and present day ecology of Westwind.

 9:00 – 10:00 AM:     WORKSHOP A

Ukulele by Ear = Jim – McIver – Learning songs the fun Way-by Ear! This is a hands on, ears on, play along class with familiar songs. A delightful journey for the ear though popular chord progressions in western pop music. Once heard and learned this style you’ll never go back to simply playing from a book.

Swing = James – Wilson Fireplace – It’s swing time in Ukulele Land! East coast, west coast, all around the town, swing is happening. Sweet-sounding swing chords are easy to play and they sound oh-so fabulous. Your ukulele will thank you and your strumming will never be the same again. Regardless of prior experience, James will have you swinging your first Jazz tune in five minutes and you’ll fly to the moon from there!

Set Your Voice Free = Nicole – Wilson North – Explore aspects of Singing with a new variety of songs. Experience Vocal Health, Production and Breath Techniques while Singing.

First 21 Chords = Bryan – Wilson Upstairs – Created for Beginners. Learn the shapes and how to play the basic chords (7 major, 7 minor, 7-7ths). Also the basics of strumming and few easy 2 and 3 chord songs.

Moving Beyond Beginner with your Right Hand = Andy – Art Barn – Moving upward and onward with your Ukuele! This class will focus on the Right Hand with cool strumming techniques to use. making your favorite songs come alive and fun to play.

10:15 – 11:15 PM:     WORKSHOP B

Leo ki’ eki’ e = Steven – Wilson Fireplace – Come open up your voice, body and soul to singing the Hawaiian Falsetto style.

Fingerstyle Etudes = Aaron – McIver – These short Instrumental pieces designed to teach technique and musical concepts. Fun musical vignettes to expand your fingerstyle technique and melodic vocabulary. Knowledge of Tabulature suggested.

What are all Those Frets For? = Ben – Wilson North – Not much really – Just more of the same. Learn to move what you already know and become a close personal friend of some pretty readical frets like thje 5th and the 7th. Mr. Bonham’s popular 12 fret program can help you kick that nasty little 1st positions habit for good.

Cover It Well = Anne – Wilson Upstairs – Don’t just Cover it …. Cover it well! Learn how to create covers that are innovative, inventive and unexpected. Don’t just Cover your favorite song …. make it Magical!

Moving Beyond Beginner with your Left Hand = Andy – Art Barn – Move your Ukeing onward and upward! This class will focus on Left Hand improvements, getting to know chord families and making smooth changes.  Make some serious progress withyour Uke!

11:30 – 12:30 PM:  WORKSHOP C

Lyricism and Line = James – McIver – Explore the lyrical side of the ukulele.  In this workshop students learn to play chord-melody arrangements of beautiful melodies such as Spring Song (Mendelsohnn), Slumber Song (Schubert) and Streets of Laredo (Trad.).  Discover subtleties of left-hand fingering and right-hand fingerpicking and how these can make (or break) the lyrical qualities of the music.  A workshop full of musical delights and ukulele insights.

Ukulele Rhythms = Hood River Trio – Wilson Fireplace – “Every instrument is just a drum”( Duke Ellington) Certainly sage advice. The Left Hand is what you know, the right Hand is who you are. This class is about who you are and how to develop a better groove. It’s just like the secret to all good comedy. Timing

Folk Song Mashup = Aaron – Wilson North – How about 1 chord progression and 7 fun songs? We will “mash-up” these folk songs and have some fun!

Hawaiian Strums = Steven – Wilson Upstaris – A well-strummed Ukulele is the heartbeat of traditional Hawaiian music. Learn three traditional Hawaiian strums to broaden your repertoire and open up new worlds of rhythmic possibilities.

Circle of Fifths – On the Beach = Jim – Meet on Wilson Porch – A Tunes in the Dunes Favorite!  Open your ears to demystify the basics of music. Hear dominant seven and diatonic chord progressions – on the beach!

2:00 – 2:45  PM:    SING A LONG, Wilson Lodge

3:00 – 4:00  PM:    JAM GENRE’S, Meet at various group locations

4:15 – 5:15  PM:    Symphony Orchestra = James & Anne – McIver

7:15 – 9:15 PM:    CONCERT: Open Mic with Jam Genre Performances  

9:30 PM:      CAMPFIRE


7:00 – 7:45   Meet the Day with Anne

9:00 – 10:00 AM      WORKSHOP D

Hawaiian Kani Ka Pila = Steven, Andy, Bryan – McIver – From the verb; Let the instruments sound, to the noun; informal jam session, create the Hawaiian style of sharing songs and stories while finding connections with the people you are playing with and making new friends. Let’s Play Music

Sunday Gospel = Aaron & Nicole & HRTrio – Wilson Fireplace – Ukulele strumming, strong rhythmic foot stamping, passionate vocal accompaniment and elaborate refrains of Sunday spiritual music will fill the hall.

The Beatles = Jim – Wilson North – Magical Mystery Chords – The Beatles + Circle of Fifths = Ear-catching pop musical phrasing. Play 25 snippets of Beatles songs and discover how emotional value found in chords created their popular muic.

Living in Perfect Harmony = James – Wilson Upstairs – If you love to SING in three-part harmony, this is the class for you! Find out why your ukulele is the perfect tool for writing beautiful vocal arrangements in just minutes. We’ll sing arrangements of folk, gospel and jazz favourites. Best of all, you’ll learn how to create your own multi-part harmonies faster than you can say “My Mom Made Me Mow My Lawn!”

10:15 – 11:15 AM:   FINALE SING ALONG, Wilson Lodge

11:15 AM:         ALL CAMP CLEAN UP

12:30 PM:         WALK & SING our way down to the Salmon Riverside